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Authentic Thai cuisine


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Constantine Lee

Top Reviewer
I consider this the best Thai place on Grubhub for Astoria. Whether you are choosing meat or going pure vegetarian, they always seem to do good job. Make sure you alert them of your spice tolerance.


2 reviews
Food was pretty tasty, the green curry was actually not too spicy so I got to eat everything. Pad Se eew was bomb. The coconut rice was super sweet though. If order again.


3 reviews
This is probably the best Thai I've tasted in Astoria, plus the service/delivery is always good. Never had a problem with this place. It's definitely my go-to.


Top Reviewer
Thai Elephant is one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. The Thai golden crispy is my go to appetizer.


1 review
Have been eating there and ordering from there for years, their food is delicious.

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Top Reviewer
Best Thai food I've ever had. Used to order from Yajai in Astoria but they failed to update their menu on Seamless for several weeks in a row and tried to replace items I'd ordered with something they felt was comparable, so they're off my list. Thai Elephant is my new go-to. I like cashews in my green curry and asked to have them added in the memo a couple weeks ago. Was charged $1 extra (cash in person since I paid with a card) but was given no cashews. I said nothing since the curry was SOOO good! The next time I ordered I mentioned the previous mistake and got a prompt call from the owner. She asked me to always call and let them know when mistakes are made because she cares so much about her business. Very cool and so rare. I received cashews in that order and the curry was everything I wanted it to be and more!


2 reviews
Consistently great food and fast, friendly delivery. The curry puffs are huge and flaky, their green curry is fragrant and delicious (I have no idea how they get their eggplant so soft and creamy), and all their dishes have just the right amount of heat. Everything is always well-prepared and flavorful. Plus, yesterday I messed up my usual order and asked for pickup instead of delivery, and they immediately called me to ask if I'd made a mistake. My favorite Thai place in Astoria, hands down.


4 reviews
Thai Elephant is one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. The fried tofu appetizer is delicious, I especially like the chili sauce that comes with it. It is sweet but with a little kick (I don't like spicy food, so what is a little kick to me may not be any kick at all to someone who likes more spice). The pad thai is great, I really like it with the tofu. Delivery is always quick and the people who work there are nice.


4 reviews
I was so surprised to read the negative reviews below! I've been ordering from here for several weeks now, and I've never had a delivery take more than 40 minutes. Usually it's closer to half an hour. And the food is really good. Not the cheapest, but I can personally eat a serving of curry for three days.


1 review
As always the delivery was on time. Service was prompt, courteous. Lastly mentioned but most importantly the food was as to be expected by the Thai Elephant cooked to perfection leaving you feeling that joy rarely experienced of being completely satiated in mind, body (or bely ) and soul.

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Thai Elephant is exotic and unique for all the right causes. Thai Elephant is served with the right and precise and of course the freshest ingredients. Thai Elephant serves homemade ice cream from flavors like coconut to flavors like ginger. Thai Elephants chef is the father of the family and is also the owner, so you dont need to worry about the flavor changing. Thai Elephant is handled and run by the family itself, with a few close and trustful family friends. Thai Elephant is a beautiful restaurant where a family brings out the best of each other through this restaurant. Many people go here to just have a casual night out with a couple of friends or that one special person. Thai Elephant is an amazing place for families that want to spend some time bonding over dinner. The Elephant are good luck. Make sure that you come to the real Thai Elephant, where three spotlight shines brightly on ten wooden carved elephants on a lime green, light brown and vintage yellow wall. We also have a wall that shows how unique Thai Elephant is by having bricks on the walls. Thai Elephant has been opened for three years. Thai Elephant is the right restaurant just for you because the crew is a true family that wants to make your meal just as special as you are.